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it drowns.

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Q: What happens to the material is eroded and falls in the sea?
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How is reculver being eroded?

it is being eroded by the wind and sea

What happens if a blue napkin falls into the red sea?

It gets wet.

What happens to rainfall that falls on land?

It either evaporates OR it flows back to the sea.

Sea __ are natural arch eroded out of a __ by water?


If a column of land is left behind by being eroded by waves its called?

If a column of land is left behind by being eroded by waves, it is called a sea stack. Sea stacks are formed when softer rock is eroded away, leaving a harder rock structure standing in the sea.

What happens to the mountains and deep valleys that makes the earth's surface uneven?

The valleys cut their way down to sea level and as this happens the mountains get eroded away to (by rain, ice and wind). The end stage is that the flatish land surface becomes almost level with the high tide of the sea. However the sediments eroded away get deposited on the ocean deeps and when the continents crash together again these form new mountains.

Why does cliff erosion at barton on sea happen?

Cliff erosion at Barton on Sea happens due to a combination of factors such as wave action, weathering, and the underlying geology of the area. The cliffs are composed of easily eroded sedimentary rocks, making them susceptible to erosion. Human activities and sea level rise also contribute to the erosion process.

Forms when headlands are eroded rapidly by waves?

sea cliff

What forms when headlands are eroded rapidly by waves?

sea cliffs

River narmada falls into which sea?

The River Narmada falls or flows into the Arabian Sea.

How is a stumps formed?

The sea forms a sea cave which goes into a arch then it goes into a stack and finally when the sea eroded for years a stump is formed

Where is spurn head spit located?

Spurn Head was formed when sweeping waves transported sand from Holderness Coast by long shore drift. The sand was then deposited where the North Sea meets the Humber Estuary as a result of the energy loss of the waves. This area is located on the southern extremity of the Holderness coast and it is 5.5km long, reaching across the mouth of the Humber. Spurn head is formed by long shore-drift. A bit is eroded and the sea takes it and adds it to the end. As for the curve that has just been eroded. A spit or sand spit is a deposition. Spurn Point is a spit made up of deposited material. It's creates through eroded material that's been carried by the sea from further up the coastline