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The Celtic Sea and Irish Sea are situated to the west of the English Channel. The North Seat as well as the Strait of Dover are located to the east.

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Q: What sea leads into the English channel?
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What separates Britain and Iranland from the rest of Europe?

i got the English channel and i did check and most sites say that the answer is, The English Channel.THE ANSWER IS.... The English Channel

What body of water separates the united kingdom from northern Europe?

The shortest distance is across the English Channel that separates Britain from France. It is connected to the Strait of Dover which separates England from Belgium and the Netherlands.Farther north, the North Sea separates England and Scotland from Norway, Denmark and NW Germany.

What sea separates the british isles from the northwest Europe?

That would be the North Sea ! Also the English Channel.

What sea does the English channel lead into?

The North Sea.

What River leads to the English Channel - 4 letters?

it is ORNE

Worlds busiest SEA passage. Atlantic Ocean is not a SEA?

English channel The North Sea ( the English Channel is part of the North Sea) and the Baltic Sea are both extremely busy seas.

What sea does the English Channel lead northward into?

The North Sea.

What sea creatures live in the English Channel?

sea rabbitts

What is the channel that separates the United Kingdom from mainland Europe called?

The English Channel. It is also known from the French side as 'La Manche' (translated as the sleeve).The English Channel.The English Channel.

What seas are around United Kingdom?

Irish Sea, English Channel, North Sea, Saint George's Channel, North Channel, Atlantic Sea, and the Norwegian Sea.

What River leads to the English Channel - 3 letters?

The three letter name of the river that leads to the English Channel is the River Exe. It flows through Devon and Somerset counties from Lyme Bay.

What is the source of the English channel?

The English Channel is an arm of the Atlantic Ocean connecting with the North Sea