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Q: Who was the first Asian Woman to cross English Channel?
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First asian woman to cross english channel?

Gurtrude Ederle.

Who was the first woman to swim the english channel in 1926?

Gertrude Ederle was the first lady to cross the English channel.

What sea did William have to cross to get to the Battle of Hastings?

To get from Normandy to Hastings William had to cross the English Channel.

Who is the man from India who despite his disability was able to cross the English channel?

CN JANAKI was the first disabled person to cross the English Channel in 1992.She was from India.

What is the fastest way to cross English channel?

The quickest way to cros the English channel is by train.

What body of water separated British and German soldiers in the Battle of Britain?

As Britain is an island, they had to cross the English Channel to get to mainland Europe. Later in the war, Allied troops had to cross the River Rhine to get to the heart of Germany.

What ocean must you cross from calais to dover?

English Channel

Can you drive from England to Spain?

Yes, but you have to cross the English Channel. You can do this by using a ferry or you can put your car on a train which will cross the Channel via the tunnel.

What body of water did the Allies have to cross to invade France on D Day?

The English Channel, which separates England from France.

Which body of water do you cross to get from Paris to London?

You would travel in a Northwestern direction, and would go over the English Channel.

Which channel do you have to cross to get from the UK to France?

The English Channel or more precisely the Strait of Dover in English and Le Pas de Calais in French

How long does it take to cross the English Channel by boat?

it takes time