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James Scarantino is an ACLU attorney and solo practioner in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

There is no evidence he's argued any cases before the US Supreme Court, although he was the Plaintiff's attorney on two cases that were probably cert worthy, and filed an amicus brief on a third case (Schutz v. Thorne, cert denied).

Scarantino's two most publicized cases were American Civil Liberties Union v. Santillanes, a voter ID case that was settled in the US Court of Appeals pursuant to the US Supreme Court's decision in Crawford v. Marion County Board of Elections, 553 US ___ (2008); and United States Outfitters v. Arizona, a challenge of Arizona's fish and game cap for out-of-state hunters and fisherman, which was denied cert by the US Supreme Court.

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Q: What has James Scarantino argued before the US Supreme Court?
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