What house has 100 rooms?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The haunted house!!!

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Q: What house has 100 rooms?
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Is it possible to get 100 rooms on Moshi Monsters?

No. The limit for the number of rooms you can have in your Moshi Monsters house is 5.

Is it possible for a house to have 100 rooms?

Such a house would be rather large. More likely to be a very large hotel, a very tall skyscraper, or a mansion. For example, Buckingham Palace, London, England has 775 rooms (bedrooms, state rooms, bathrooms, etc).

what is the red many rooms?

the red house is a small house with 8 rooms

How many rooms in house of commons?

there are 585 rooms in the house of commons

How many rooms does Osborne House have?

1,650 rooms in Osborne House

Why are the rooms not used and why is the White House so big if it have 17 rooms in it?

The White House has 132 rooms, not 17.

How many rooms does Katie price have in her house?

Katie has 8 rooms in her house.

what is the red house, how many rooms?

a very tiny house... 8 rooms

How do you expand rooms on Webkinz?

You cannot expand the rooms of your Webkinz house. You can buy larger rooms to add to your house though.

How many rooms are in Thomas Jefferson's house?

There are 12 rooms in thomas jeffersons house!

How many rooms bathrooms in presidents house in India?

there are 360 rooms in the president house

How many rooms are in the white house.?

132 rooms.