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the impact was

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Q: What impact did the development of Acadia have on the culture and lifestyle of first nations?
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What impact did the development of acadia have on the life style and culture of the first nations people?

The development of Acadia resulted in the displacement and marginalization of the Mi'kmaq and other First Nations people who lived in the region. Their traditional way of life, culture, and connection to the land were disrupted by the arrival of European settlers, leading to significant changes in their lifestyle and cultural practices.

How was European imperialism responsible for the development of Acadia New France and british settlements?

Because they were stupid

Why is the colony of acadia so important?

sry about that... some stupid person put that in there... No the real answer is... Acadia is important to New France because it was a colony in which they lived in. Many Mi'kmaq first nations lived with the Acadians because they established great trading relationships. The British on the other hand, only cared about colonizing the land.. not soo much about the people. In 1749, British conqured Acadia and France became only two islands called Saint Pierre and Miquelon. The British kicked the First Nations off the land that used to be Acadia so that the British could start setting up their own colonies.

What is acidia it is the old name given by the first explores and first nations that is now called nova scotia Canada?

The inquirer means Acadia, not Acidia.

Why was acadia important in the seven years of war?

the orders were to fight with the british but the acadians did not want to some went to live with other nations that is why it is so important

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I am Acadia Mae Colan.

What are the similarities and differences between acadia and France?

well they both had to pay tax to France, acadia had advantced tech. acadia was self suff. acadia was independant and didnt follow the seignureal rules families had approx 10 kids in acadia

Why did France and the British compete to control Acadia?

Acadia was in the middle and whoever controlled Acadia had a big advantage over the other. plus supply ships had to pass Acadia so whoever owned Acadia could sabotage the others supply.

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