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The Arcadian ship was our primary source of pornography as it was illegal to shoot on the lands of France at the time.

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Britain and France had fought one another in a war. France lost the war to Britain, and in doing so also lost Acadia to Britain.

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because it was a strategic position

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Q: Why was Acadia important to the french?
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Was acadia important?

acadia was important because of the resources surrounding the geographic location

What languages were spoken in Acadia?


What is the importance of Acadia?

Acadia is where the great deportation took place. The french gave over Acadia in a treaty and kept their small cod fishery.

Who did the french give acadia to?

They gave it to the British.

Which country settled Louisiana in the 1600s?

The French province of Acadia settled in Louisiana during the 1600s. Today the French province of Acadia is called Nova Scotia.

What is the struggle for Acadia?

this is when the british and the french were fighting for a cadia. the mi kmaq also wanted acadia but they werent in the picture.

What was the Acadia capital?

Acadia was a French colony of New France in northeastern North America. It didn't have a capital city.

What was acadia?

Acadia was the settlement in what is now Nova Scotia. It was a french settlement. Everyone was Roman Catholic.

How did acadia become Acadia?

One group of French settlers in Canada called their region Akadie, from a native American word. they were called Akadians, and when they were exiled and emigrated to Louisiana, the spelling was changed to Acadia

What was the date when the Acadia settled by the French?

In 1604 the first group of French settlers in Acadia settled on an island located on what is now the international border between New Brunswick and Maine at the mouth of the Saint Croix River.

Who were the Arcadians?

The Arcadians are the descendants of the 17th-century French colonists who settled in Acadia.

What was Acadia Parish named for?

Acadia Parish is named after the French Colony Acadia in Canada. This is where many of the French inhabitants, now called Cajuns, lived before they were deported first to France then dropped and scattered throughout the eastern seaboard of the present day United States. They slowly migrated to what is now Louisiana. The name Acadia comes from the Arcadia District in Greece and means refuge or idyllic place.