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In 1919 the British massacred unarmed Indians in Armistar, this caused the incident caused millions of Indians to become strong nationalist overnight

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battle of plassey

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Q: What incident marked the beginning of the end of British rule in India?
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In which country in Asia did the french and british fight?

russia and India

How did british rule lead to growing Indian nattionalism?

The British rule over India changed the course of history in India. The British came to India at the start of the seventeenth century. This was the time when the British East India Company was established in India to break the Dutch monopoly over spice trade. With time the East India Company increased its powers and started to administer the country. However its policies were disliked by Indians and together they revolted against the company. This led to the downfall of the company and the administration of India went directly under the Queen. In the following lines, you shall find information regarding the period when India was under British rule. Read about the British colonialism in India.

Who permitted British to trade in India?

Up to the 19th century, the British got their permission from the various maharadja's who ruled the many kingdoms of India. In the 19th century the British colonized India and after that they simply organized trade as they saw fit.

What was the political condition of India before 1947?

The political conditions in British India prior to the 1947 Independence and partition were complex in terms of governance and nationality questions. Geographically, what is today India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Burma. Governance was between Indian Rajahs and other British instruments. The years prior to 1947 were marked by a growing and ultimately irreconcilable split among Gandhi and Nehru's Congress Party and Jinnah's Muslim League which culminated in the forced migration, ethnic/sectarian cleansing and the atrocities of the during the Partition of India.

Which led to the British government to shut down the east India company and rule India directly?

The Sepoy Mutiny.

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What skirmish marked the beginning of the end of British rule in India?

a mass extinction

How was the life under Delhi sultanate?

It marked the beginning of a new phase in India's political,economic,social and cultural history.

When did tourism started in India?

The 1950s marked the beginning of tourism in India. The tourism industry has grown and changed in the decades since then.

Which was the most decisive war that marked the initiation of British rule in India?

Battle of Plassey

Most important benefits of British rule over India Imperialists?

british ruled india

When was India released from British control?

India gained their independence from British Colonial rule in the year of 1947, which was around the beginning of the Cold War.

When the first census was performed during the British period in the sub continent?

The first census in the Indian subcontinent during the British period was conducted in 1871. It was carried out to gather demographic data about the people living in India at that time. This census marked the beginning of the systematic collection of population data in the region.

When did the Portuguese arrive in India?

The Portuguese arrived in India in 1498, led by explorer Vasco da Gama who landed in the city of Calicut. This event marked the beginning of European colonialism in India.

In which was did British rule harm indians?

The British colonial rule over India was marked by the looting of natural resources, the mistreatment of the local people and the the collapse of the Indigenous Indian Industries.

Which regime was established after the First Battle of Panipat?

The First Battle of Panipat marked the beginning of the Mighty Mughal Empire in India, which lasted from 1526 to 1857.

When did Babur found the Mughal dynasty?

The First Battle of Panipat marked the beginning of Mughal Empire in India. It was on April 21st, 1526. Babur was the first Mughal ruler.

Who described the revolt of 1857 as the first war of independence?

British conquests and rapid expansion of their dominion in India marked the revolt of 1857 as the first war of independence.