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Johnny finds out different secrets that the british told Dove about because he is a barn boy to the british people

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Q: What information does Johnny get from dove in Johnny Tremain?
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In the novel Johnny Tremain did Johnny truly forgive Dove?


Who got called pig-of-a-louse in Johnny Tremain?

dove, by johnny.

What is Dove's role in the Boston tea party in Johnny Tremain?

Dove was a slave

Why did Rab throw Dove into the harbor in Johnny tremain?

In the book "Johnny Tremain," Rab throws Dove into the harbor because Dove insulted Rab's mother, calling her a "dirty beggar woman." This greatly offended Rab, who reacted by physically throwing Dove into the water as an act of defending his mother's honor.

How does Dusty feel about Johnny and Dove in Johnny Tremain?

Dusty has a great deal of respect and admiration for Johnny Tremain, considering him a talented silversmith and skilled artisan. He also appreciates Dove's hard work and loyalty to Johnny. Dusty views both Johnny and Dove as valuable members of the workshop team.

In the book Johnny Tremain what is doves new job and why is johnny working so hard to earn his friendship?

Dove's new job is helping the British soldiers. Johnny is trying to gain his friendship so that Dove will share the news he hears from the British with Johnny.

What is the climax of johnny tremain?

what is johnny tremain climax

What is Johnny Tremain's middle name?

Johnny Light Tremain

When was Johnny Tremain created?

Johnny Tremain was created in 1943.

What is the portrayal in Johnny Tremain?

the portrayal was a ship and Johnny Tremain was a sailer

How old is Isannah in Johnny Tremain?

In Johnny Tremain, Isannah is 8.

What hand did johnny tremain burn?

Johnny Tremain burns his hands.