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Q: What is Deborah Sampson's second favorite color?
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What is selenas second favorite color?

her first favorite color is light pink her second one is red

What is his second favorite color?

Taylor lantners second favorite color is blue

Was Deborah Sampson a black woman?

Deborah Sampson's favorite color is purple

What is Cleopatra's second favorite color?

Cleopatra's favorite color is black

What is Benjamin Banneker second favorite color?

Benjamin Banneker's first favorite color is blue and his second favorite color is black.

What is the worlds second favorite color?

The world's second favorite color is blue. It is commonly associated with qualities such as tranquility, stability, and trustworthiness.

What is Taylor Swifts second favorite color?

Taylor Swift's second favorite color is purple. Her first is white.

What was Deborahs Sampsons eye color?

Her biography doesn’t give that information.

What is Taylor swift's third favorite color?

My third favorite color is purple what's yours? --------------------------------------------------------- My favorite color is red, my second favorite color is white, and I don't have a third favorite color! Hehe!

What is sterling knights second favorite color?

Unfortunately, I do not have the specific information on Sterling Knight's second favorite color.

What is Roald Dahls second favorite color?

There is no definitive information available about Roald Dahl's second favorite color. While he was known to cite yellow as his favorite color, his preferences beyond that are not widely documented.

What is Niall Horan's 2nd favorite color?

niall horan 's second favorite color is green