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The Illinois government is composed of three branches which are executive, legislative and judicial. This is based on the Constitution of Illinois.

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Q: What is Illinois government?
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What type government does Illinois have?

Illinois has a bicameral legislature.

What branch are the senate and house of Illinois?

They are the legislative branch of Illinois government.

Who is the Chief Executive of the state government in Illinois?

The Governor of the State of Illinois.

Who is head of Illinois local government?

The head of government in the State of Illinois is the Governor, Pat Quinn. The head of government in the City of Chicago is the Mayor, Rahm Emanuel.

What are the three branches in Illinois government?

Same as the federal government.

In Illinois government Who Declare laws unconstitutional?

No that would be the Illinois supreme court.

What is a federal and local government of Illinois?

Federal government refers to the country of the United States of America. Local government of Illinois is run primarily in the state capitol of Springfield.

Who will be in charge of Illinois' government?

The Illinois government, like the federal government, has three branches. The executive branch is headed by the state's governor, who is Bruce Rauner as of November 2014.

Who is the head of local government in chicago illinois?

Rahm Emanuel is the Mayor of Chicago, who is the head of local government in Chicago, Illinois. He is also a former Congressman from Illinois and served in the Clinton administration..

The supreme court is part of which branch of government?

The Supreme Court of Illinois is part of the Judicial Branch of the Illinois State government.

Who is responsible for carrying out the laws of the state in Illinois?

The citizens and the Executive branch of the Illinois government.

What is the purpose of the General Assembly in Illinois?

In Illinois, the General Assembly is the legislative branch of government.