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Kazimierz Pułaski He was a Polish soldier and military commander who fought in the American Revolution under the command of George Washington. Pulaski was a noted cavalryman and played a large role in training Revolutionary troops, with Congress naming him "Commander of the Horse". He was, however, infamous for his arrogance, and demanded that his only superior be the commanding general.

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Q: What is Kazimierz Pulaski famous for?
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He was a great Pole. His homeland was Poland.

How was Casimir Pulaski Day formed?

Casimir Pulaski Day was formed to honor the man born as Kazimierz Pulaski in Poland. He was a Revolutionary War cavalry officer and is called "the father of the American cavalry".

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Sorry, the correct spelling is Kazimierz Pulaski- I'm Polish, so I should know. But he died October 11th, 1779.

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