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its named after cow doo doo

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old Mexico

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Q: What is New Mexico named after?
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How did the state of New Mexico get its name?

it was named after Mexico

Who named the state of New Mexico?

Spanish explorer Francisco de Ibarra (1539?-1575) named these lands as "a new Mexico" (literal translation: un nuevo Mexico) in 1563.

Why did the Spaniards name their new colony Mexico?

because they found wealth in Mexico, so hoping they found it there they named it New Mexico

Is Mexico one of the fifty states?

There is a US state named New Mexico (47th state admitted to the Union) which capital is the city of Santa Fe. There is also a country named Mexico (from which New Mexico took its name) which has been an independent country since 1810 and has a capital named Mexico City.

Why is they called New York New Jersey and New Mexico?

The area in the northeast around New York was first colonized by the Dutch. They named the province "New Netherlands". When the British took over it they named it "New York", after the city of York in northeast England. New Jersey was named after Jersey, a small island in the English Channel. New Mexico was originally a name given by Mexico to the to the territories in the far north of the country. This province was handed over to the United States after their war with Mexico. The US divided the area into several territories, one of which named New Mexico.

What was Mexico first named by Europe?

New Spain

Is Mexico a state?

No, it's a country but there's a state called New Mexico!

The Santa Fe trail was named for?

It was named after the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico

What was The Santa Fe Trail named for?

It was named after the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico

What is us state named for a latin country?

New Mexico.

Why was the state of New Mexico named after a country outside the US?

Because when it was named, it was not in the United States.

What US State was named after a Latin American country?

New Mexico