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Q: What is The most expensive monument in the world?
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Where is the monument for great fire of London?

The Monument to the Great Fire of London, commonly called The Monument, is close to the Northern end of the London Bridge, in London, Britain. The Monument is a Roman Doric column built in 1677, designed by Christopher Wren and Robert Hooke. It is 202 feet high, which is the same as the distance of The Monument from Thomas Farynor, the king's bakery shop where the fire began.

What is the Difference between monument and memorial?

Memorials are often related to death and destruction: World Trade Center MEMORIAL, Martin Luther King Jr. MEMORIAL or Titanic Wreckage MEMORIAL Bouye. A monument tends to be built to remember a significant person or event in history or a time period. The Empire State Building, for example, is a MONUMENT of the booming American economy of the period and the Arc de Triumph is a MONUMENT to military victories. Of course there is some blurrying between the definitions, but this tends to be the trend: Memorials: More somber, remembrance. Monuments: more of a mark of achievement or historic marker. (and there are some monuments, such as the Washington Monument, which -- although built after Washington's death (so a memorial) is more _symbolic_ of Washington's ideals and the constructs of American freedoms - making it a monument) this is good info

Where is monument valley located?

In Utah

What memorial in Washingto DC honors war veterans?

"Monument to living veterans" honors living veterans, several others such as "Korean war monument, viet nam war monument, and WWII monument" are more specific, however don't have the name "veteran" in their title. I got a test and the right answer is actually "Vietnam Veterans Memorial" I swear this is right!! -someone else then the person above

Washington mounument or memorial?

Washington Monument. Lincoln Memorial.