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It's a Red Clover.

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Q: What is Vermonts state flower?
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What is Vermonts state Governor?

Peppy Duncan

What is Vermonts state beverage?


What is Vermonts state dance?

Vermont does not have an official state dance.

What Was Vermonts State Region In?

Vermont is located in the New England region of the United States.

What is vermonts nicke name?

Vermont is known as the "Green Mountain State."

What are vermonts symbols and why are they vermonts symbols?

Vermont's state animal is the Morgan Horse, because Justin Morgan lived in Vermont for several years. His horse, Figure, was nicknamed the 'Justin Morgan horse,' and had lots of offspring with mares. Eventually, Morgan horses were considered their own breed. The state tree is the sugar maple because of all the maple syrup grown in Vermont. The state insect is the honeybee because a lot of honey and beeswax candles are produced in Vermont. Some other state symbols are the state flower, the Red Clover, the state bird, the hermit Thrush, and the state amphibian, the Northern Leopard Frog.

Vermonts major industries?


What is the state flower of Alaska?

Alaska's state flower is the Forget-me-not flower.

Vermonts state tree?

In 1949, the sugar maple was determined to be the state tree of Vermont. The sugar maple is also known as the rock or hard maple.

What is Alabamas state flower?

Alabama's state flower is the Camellia

Which flower is the Tennessee state flower?

The purple passion flower is the state's wildflower and the iris is the state's cultivated flower.

What state has the cactus as their state flower?

Arizona uses the Saguaro cactus flower as the state's flower .