What is Vermonts climate?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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whats Vermont's climate. the answer is continual moist

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The climate of vermont is temperate.

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Q: What is Vermonts climate?
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Is vermonts climate the same all four seasons?

No, it gets hot in summer and cold in winter like many of the states in northern USA.

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What is Vermonts population rank?

Number 49.

What is Vermonts state Governor?

Peppy Duncan

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Who are Vermonts senators?

Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders.

What is Vermonts state flower?

It's a Red Clover.

What is the orgin of Vermonts name?

Down by the river!! Down by the river!!

What is Vermonts state dance?

Vermont does not have an official state dance.

What is Vermonts smallest city?

Vergennes with a population of 2,666 is incorporated as a city.

Is peter shumlin is vermonts govener?

yes i think i just looked it up

What Was Vermonts State Region In?

Vermont is located in the New England region of the United States.