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a monority decision is when, for example president bob wins by less then 50% of the votes. compared to a majorty where the winner gets 50% or more of the votes.

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Q: What is a 'minority decision'?
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What system in which the decision of more than half the people is accepted by is called?

The system in which the decision of more than half the people is accepted is called a majority rule system.

In a democracy each minority has a right to?

In a democracy, each minority group has the right to equal treatment, protection of their rights, and representation in decision-making processes. This ensures that minority voices are heard and respected in the governance of the country.

Minority students in public schools were given constitutional guarantees to equal educational opportunities as a result of the?

Decision in Brown v. Board of Education.

Define Consociational democracy?

A political model which brings together distinct communities in shared decision making, whilst protecting the interests of the minority.

What challenges faced minority groups?

Minority groups often face challenges such as discrimination, limited access to resources and opportunities, lack of representation in decision-making processes, and systemic barriers that contribute to disparities in areas like education, employment, and healthcare. These challenges can result in social and economic inequalities that impact the well-being and advancement of minority communities.

There is a minority or there are a minority?

a minority is a minor person

What is the minority?

The opposite of minority is majority.

What is the opposite minority?

The opposite of minority is majority.

Who is the minority counterpart to a committee chairperson?

The minority counterpart to a committee chairperson is the ranking minority member

Why keep the filibutser rule in the US Senate?

The decision to keep the filibuster rule in the US Senate was made to keep a balance. This allows for minority members to stop votes which they would otherwise be unable to do.

What is a sentence for minority?

Your sponsored law failed to pass as your vote was in the minority. Will one ethnic minority inspire another?

What are majority leader and minority leader?

majority leaders: have majority support in his/her country. minority: have minority support.