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A minority president is a president that gets elected with less than 50% of the popular vote. Abe Lincoln was a minority president, for example.

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Majority-minority (alternatively, minority-majority) is a term used to describe a U.S. state or other jurisdiction whose racial composition is less than 50% white.

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It likely means a president belonging to some recognized minority group.

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That's a president who is a member of a group that is in the minority in the land where he presides.

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Q: What is a minority president?
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Who was the first minority president?

The first minority President is President Barack Obama. He is half African American and Caucasian. Most people refer to him as African American.

What are the titles of the leadership of Congress?

Congressional leadership is a follows: House of Representative: Speaker of the House Majority Leader Minority Leader Majority Whip Minority Whip Senate: President of the Senate (vice president of the U. S.) Majority Leader Minority Leader President pro tempore of the Senate Assistant Majority Leader (Majority Whip) Assistant Minority Leader (Minority Whip)

Which US President is called a minority president?

Some people refer to the current US President, Barack Obama as a minority President because he is of his Afro American heritage. Even though his mother is considered a "white" person, it does not matter. This is because never has a US President had a dual heritage, thus "minority" is still a logical term to use.

First president elected by a minority of the voters?


Why was Lincoln considered a minority president?

Because he was Indonesian.

Who are officer of the Senate?

President of the Senate. (Vice President) President Pro Tempore Majority Leader Assistant Majority Leader (Majority Whip) Minority Leader Aissitant Minority Leader (Minority Whip) comment from cm512:::: i asked this question back wen i was a sophomore in high school... in 2011

Was George Washington considered a minority president?

No- Washigton was not considered to be a member of a minority. He was of English ancestry like most of the people in the country.

If the president is a member of the blank party his effectiveness becomes weaker?

If the President of the United States is a member of the minority party his effectiveness becomes weaker. The policies set forth by the President are going to be challenged more often if there is only a minority rule in Congress.

Woodrow Wilson was sometimes referred to as a minority president because?

he received less than 50% of the popular votes cast in the 1912 elections

Which US president served as the House of Representatives Minority leader?

Gerald Ford

Who are the six Illinois Executive Officers?

The President of the Senate, Majority and Minority Leaders and Assistant Majority and Minority Leaders, Majority and Minority Whips, and Majority and Minority Caucus Chairs.

Why was John Quincy Adams the first minority president?

Because he got only 30.92% of the votes of the people and still became President.