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Q: First president elected by a minority of the voters?
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Who was the first president to be elected with the help of woman voters?

President Warren Harding was the first American president to be elected with the support of female voters. The election was in 1920. Harding was the Republican representative in the presidential election for that term.

Who was the first only president to serve who was not elected by US voters either as president or vice president?

george washington

First president elected by a minority of voter?

I'd go with John Quincy Adams.

By throwing his support behind John Quincy Adams this unsuccessful candidate prevented the voters' choice from being elected president in the 1824 election?

Your question has a problem. First there was no " voters choice". Congress decided who was to be president. He was elected by the House.

In South Africa's first elections open to voters of all races which leader was elected president?

Nelson Mandela

Who was the first black president elected?

Barack Obama was the first Black president elected.

Who was the first minority president?

The first minority President is President Barack Obama. He is half African American and Caucasian. Most people refer to him as African American.

What is the year Obama was elected?

Barak Obama was first elected as President of the United states in 2008 and was re-elected as president in 2012

When was President Cleveland elected President?

Cleveland was elected for his first term in 1884.

What year was Ireland's first president elected?

Douglas Hyde was the first president of Ireland. He was elected in 1938.

When was the U.S.As first president elected?

The U.S.As first president elected is George Washington

Who was the first elected president of Russia?

The first elected president of RUSSIA was Boris Yeltsin.