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a type of government formally found in the eastern mediterranean areas.

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Q: What is a Democratic Republic regime?
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What was the capital of the democratic republic of Sudan?

the capital of sudan is Khartoum

Is the Syrian regime democratic?

NO. All of the various governments in Syria at the moment are non-democratic. The Assad Regime was an authoritarian republic, Islamic State is a theocratic dictatorship, the Syrian Kurds are a military junta, and the Free Syrian Army is also a military junta.

What type of regime does Argentina have?

Argentina has a democratic regime.

Is Bolivia a dictatorship?

Not anymore. The dictatorship regime in Ecuador ended in 1979. Ecuador is currently governed by a Presidential system and is a Democratic Republic country.

What is that Democratic republic?

Historically, "Democratic Republic" usually meant "socialist". "People's Democratic Republic" (or "Democratic People's Republic" meant "really, REALLY socialist".

What part of korea is democratic?

SOUTH KOREA is the only democracy on the Korean peninsula. It is Presidential Republic with a unicameral legislature. North Korea is a dynastic communist regime.

The united States has what form of government?

The United States government is a democratic republic.

Is egypts government democratic parliament or democratic republic?


What does republic under an authoritarian regime mean?

Republic under an authoritarianism regime is not a true republic. Instead, it is only a republic for a few select groups of people and not for another group.

What is the state that Kinshasa is the capital of?

Kinshasa is the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Africa.

Is a republic autocratic or democratic?

The Roman Republic was neither authoritarian nor democratic. It was oligarchic.

Who is the leader of Congo democratic of the republic?

The leader of the democratic republic is Toma.