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Most words in these languages have Latin roots; that is why they both are called 'Roman languages'. But 'père' and 'padre'(father) come from the Latin 'pater' and 'mère' and 'madre' (mother) from the Latin 'mater'. 'Cohabiter' and 'cohabitan' (living together) comes from the Latin '' cohabitare'. And the list goes on.

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Q: What is a French or Spanish word that comes from Latin?
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Is chowder a spanish word?

No. It comes from Latin via French 'chaudiere' - pot.

Why is there no prosthetic e in the French word 'station' The Spanish estacion has it?

The word station comes from the latin statio.I do not know why the e was added in the spanish estacion

What is the origin of the word reason?

Reason comes from the latin rationare, which has the same meaning. (Portuguese "razão"spanish "razón", Italian "ragione", french "raison" German "grund", etc.So the English word comes from the French which has its origin in the Latin.

Is affair a latin word?

Affair is not a Latin word; it comes from the French a faire (to do).

Where does the French word salut comes from?

The French word "salut" comes from the Latin word "salutem," which means "health" or "greetings." It is commonly used as a casual greeting in French to say "hi" or "hello."

The word negro comes from what language?

The word "negro" comes from Spanish and Portuguese, derived from the Latin word "niger" meaning black.

What does the spanish word vagabundo mean?

The word "vagabundo" means homeless person or a drifter. The cognate word vagabond also comes to English from Latin (by way of French).

What language does the word lassos originate from?

The word "lasso" originates from Spanish. It comes from the Latin word "lazus," meaning "noose" or "lasso." The Spanish brought the word to the New World during the colonial period.

How Prairie comes from the french word meaning?

From the late 18th century 'praerie' and from Latin 'pratum' meaning 'meadow

Is rumba a Hebrew word?

No, it is not; it comes from Latin American Spanish.

What does Paz name means?

Peace in Spanish. The Spanish comes from the Latin word pax.

What is the latin word for sage?

The Latin word for sage is the word sapiens. The Italian and Spanish word for sage is salvia and the French word is sauge.