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where the powers of government are divided and the concentration of power are in the hands of center government

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Q: What is a Quasi federal system?
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What is quasi federal system?

A quasi federal system means a government which is designed to work as a Federal government in normal circumstances and as an unitary government in an emergency.

Why India is called a quasi-federal state?

harold laski

How many employees are in the Federal Reserve System?

I just heard that there are 20,000 employees in the Federal Reserve system! That is insane!! No wonder why we are 14 trillion in debt, with this many people employed in a quasi-governmental body!!

What is quasi federalism?

A division of powers between central and regional government that has some features of federalism without possessing a formal federal structure.

Why is India called a federal state?

India is a quasi federal state explain

Who said that INDIA is a quasi federal?

harold laski

What is Quasi Democracy?

The term quasi democracy means a system which has some resemblance to democracy without being actual democracy.

What is a quasi equilibrium. What is its importance in engineering?

When a process proceeds in such a manner that the system remains infinitesimally close to an equilibrium state at all times, it is called a quasi-static or a quasi-equilibrium process. A quasi-equilibrium process can be viewed as a sufficiently slow process that allows the system to adjust itself internally so that properties on one part of the system do not change any faster than those other parts. Engineers are interested in quasi-equilibrium process for two reasons. Firstly, they are easy to analyze. Secondly, work-producing devices deliver the most work when they operate on quasi-equilibrium processes. Engineer Ebrahim Anwar Kisswani.

What is a quasi-presidential system?

A quasi-presidential system is one in which a nominally parliamentary government elects its Prime Minister (or executive head) directly rather than by simply allowing the leader of the governing party to take the office.

What are some crimes that begin with the letter Q?

quasi contract Quasi Corporation Quasi Criminal Quasi Judicial Qui tam Quasi Criminal

What is federal system?

Federal system is a dual government system in which nation is divided into different states and single central government .

Who controls the supply of money in the us?

The Federal Reserve System, a quasi-governmental body, is the central bank that controls the supply of money and/or currency in circulation. The actual production of currencies is by the Department of the Treasury, which operates the US Mints and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.