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A designated Survivor is a member of the United States Cabinet who needs to be in a distant and undisclosed location when the President and other top leaders are gathered in a single location together.

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Q: What is a designated survivor?
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Who was the 2009 state of the union address designated survivor?

Charles Chaplin

Who was the 2011 designated survivor State of the Union address?

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar

Who was the designated survivor for the state of the union address for 2010?

Shaun Donovan, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Hilary Clinton was also absent from the Address, as she was at a meeting in London. If all the attendees at the Address had been killed, she would have become President. However, since the public knew about this, another member of the Cabinet had to be the designated survivor.

When the president gives the State of the Union address who is the designated survivor?

It varies each year. Sometimes it is State or others in line.

Why is a designated survivor named?

There is a line of succession to the Presidency, so that if the President and the Vice President die, someone can succeed to the Presidency. After the Vice President, it would be the Speaker of the House, then the President pro tempore of the Senate, then the members of the Cabinet. The Secretary of State is the 4th in line to the Presidency; the Secretary of Homeland Security is 18th in line (as this department was the most recently created). Because the Vice President, the entire House and Senate, the Supreme Court and the Cabinet all attend the State of the Union Address, one member of the Cabinet does not attend and instead becomes the "designated survivor". The Designated Survivor is placed under maximum protection in another part of the country. This practice began during the Cold War, for obvious reasons.

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