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Feudal government was an unfair system used in ancient times
Feudalism involves a hierarchy consisting of a king, nobles, and peasants. The king grants land to the nobles and the nobles have peasants work the land. The peasants are provided shelter, food, and protection in exchange for increasing the wealth of the nobles.

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weak and decentralized with legal authority granted to those swearing allegiance to a lord or king.

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It depends on the area, but either a strong lord, a king, an emperor, and the pope.

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the nobles.

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Q: What is a feudal government?
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In order to better control thee leaders of their conquest in the new world the spanish government created what?

In order to better control the leaders of their conquests in the New World, the Spanish government created a feudal system. Members of a tribe were treated as slaves after the leaders were captured and taken hostage by the Spaniards.

When the Han Dynasty came to power in the second century BC it decentralized the government and set up feudal states for what reason?

to reward wartime allies with land

The Pope thought the Crusades would end?

feudal fighting

What was life on feudal manor based upon?


Why were merchants not allowed to have governments jobs in China?

There used to be four different status in Chinese feudal society, which are classified by occupations. From the highest to the lowest, the 1st rank are soldiers and intellectuals, the 2nd are farmers, the 3rd are craftsmen and general laborers, the last are merchants and peddlers.Merchants are believed without moral restraint and regarded as inferior jobs by the mainstream ideology. Hence, they are certainly not allowed to work for the government. In addition, only people of the 1st social status have direct access to government jobs at that time.In feudal China,land was the most valuable thing to a regime.All the power came from land. China emperor was the final power owner,he owned all the land of his empire.and what he needed ,was to rule all the people including farmers,merchants,feudal landlords in an arbitrary way ,governors were the good enough tools to meet this aim.If merchants have government jobs,that was no better use to help the emperor to keep his a word,merchants mean nothing to the emperor,their social status were too low to have the gov jobs.

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What government did the medieval queen live under?

The same as everyone in a feudal society/government.

How was wealth displayed during the feudal system?

In the 18th century, Adam Smith, seeking to describe economic systems, effectively coined the forms "feudal government" and "feudal system.

What kind of government did France have in the middle ages?

France was a feudal monarchy.

What contributed to the rise of the feudal system in Europe?

weakness of the central government

What was the main type of government during the dark ages?

Kingdoms were the form of government during the Middle Ages

How do you use autocratic government in a sentence?

It was a feudal society with an autocratic government and few attempts to secure popular consent.

What was Marylands originial colonys govement?

It was a feudal government termed an absolute propritorship.

How did the feudal system impact western Europe?

It was the government of Europe for a 1,000 years.

Who was the primary government during the Middle Ages?

Feudalism and feudal monarchies where the primary form of government during the middle ages.

What government system emerged throughout western Europe after the fall of rome?

The feudal system .

What is the feudal government in charge of?

they are in charge of Roadworks,Public works and much,much more

What type of government did north America have during the 900's-1500's?

Tribal and feudal.