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Early form of a democracy. ie blacks and women couldn't vote at one point in time.

Generally speaking, there are a variety of government types which have the following characteristics:

  1. The leader is a non-hereditary, non-divine individual (i.e. not a monarch or theocratic leader)
  2. A portion of the citizenry can vote, but not all citizens.

From a technical standpoint, the following types of government fit the above description:

  • Oligarchy
  • Technocracy
  • Republic
  • Representative Democracy
  • True Democracy
  • Plutocracy

In common usage, Oligarchy ("rule by the few") fits the question most completely.

However, note that no current system of government allows for all citizens to vote. Even the Liberal Democracy form tends to limit citizens' rights to vote. For instance, in the United States, these citizens are not allowed to vote:

  • persons under the age of 18
  • those not deemed mentally competent
  • most felons (people convicted of a felony), often even after their sentence has been fully completed.
  • Anyone not specifically officially registered ahead of time in a particular voting region. (i.e. in most cases, you must be pre-registered to vote, you can't simply go to a voting station on election day, even if that voting station would otherwise be the proper one for your locality of residence)

Estimates are that upwards of 25% of the total US citizenry is prohibited (either legally, or functionally) from voting, based on the above disqualifications.

In the past, what were nominally Democracies were filled with restrictions on voting (sufferage); here are many example of limits on voting:

  • Required property ownership
  • No women
  • No blacks (or other race or ethnicity)
  • Significant minimum age requirement (21, 25, and 30 were common cutoffs)
  • Required Military service
  • Require natural citizenship (foreigners, even if naturalized citizens, could not vote)
  • Membership in certain organizations (whether legal or not) restricted one's right to vote

Also, note well that Communist forms of government fit this question's description too: they do not have a monarch, limit citizen voting (generally, one must be a member of the Communist party to vote), but still nominally allow voting to choose the leadership.

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Q: What is a form of government in which the leader is not a monarch and certain citizens have the right to vote?
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