What is a formal power?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Formal power is the power awarded to a specific position. Informal power is the cumulative effect of concern and caring for others.

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Q: What is a formal power?
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What is a formal order that gave kings power to rule?

the Dao was a formal order that gave kings the power to rule.

Who has the most formal power in the senate?


What are the two general groupings of power?

personal and formal

When a president issues a veto he is exercising?

formal power

What does not necessarily rely either on formal authority?


A system of government that recognizes no formal limits on its power is what?


What is a informal leader?

When someone is a leader but they don't have the formal power.

Does Dao mean a formal order that gave kings power to rule?


Formal authority refers to a right to exercise power that is derived from?

governmental office

Define power and explain the formal bases of power?

Coercive power - base is dependent on fear. Reward power - the opposite of coercive power. People comply ith the wishes or directives of another because doing so produces positive benefits. Legitimate power - based on one's structural position. It represents the formal authority to control and use organizational resources. Information power - comes from access to, and control over, informtion.

What is the formal constitutional check on the supreme courts power of judicial review?

Congress can check the power of the Supreme Court by introducing amendments to the Constitution.

What is meant by mathematical logic?

Mathematical logic is a branch of mathematics which brings together formal logic and mathematics. Mathematical logic entails formal systems for defining the basics and then using the deductive power of logic to develop a system of formal proofs.