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Q: Does Dao mean a formal order that gave kings power to rule?
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What is a formal order that gave kings power to rule?

the Dao was a formal order that gave kings the power to rule.

Who gave the zhou kings power to rule?

the gods gave them rights to rule! :)

How did the Reformation affect kings?

martin Luther influenced the kings and queens of England by sharing his beliefs

What did kings give to lords?

Gave lords power in return they received protection for there kingdom

What changes did Magna Carta promise to bring about in English government?

It limited the kings power in England and gave more power to the people and the church

What right did King Charles you of England claim gave him the power to make the rules and to govern his country?

The 'divine right of kings'.

Why did the divine right of kings helped cause the civil war?

The divine right of kings was a long term cause of the war because Charles I would always talk about it and how it gave him power to do what he wanted and no one could tell him what to do as God had given him power.

Why was the Magna Carta created and what were its effects on England?

It made it so it could limit King John in 1215 and other furture kings' power. Its effects on england were that it gave the citizens some rights and forced the kings act according to law because if they didn't they could lose their status.

Who created three kings day?

the three kings created three kings day when they gave baby jesus presents

Did the Pope used to be the most powerful man in the world?

yes he did... until the reformation in germany, and then loads of people turned protestant, which gave the kings more power

Why did Daniel forgive the kings of Babylon and Persia?

He never forgave them. Rather, the greatness which he ascribes to them is because God gave them wide dominion and much temporal power.

What did the tree kings give to jesus?

The three kings gave Jesus gold, myrrh and frankincense.