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A Protectorate

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Puppet Government

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Q: What is a government controlled by an outside force?
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What is a puppet government?

A puppet government is a government that does not have the independence to rule by itself, but is controlled by a foreign power. Vichy France in World War II is a good example.

What is a government that is run by an outside force?

puppet government

Areas that have their own government but are controlled by an outside power?


A is land outside the city of Rome that was controlled by the Roman government?

xxx What is 'A'?

What is the from of government that is controlled by one person and usually takes power by force?


What is a country whose foreign policy is controlled by an outside government?

This commonly called a protectorate. It also means that the controlling nation uses its resources and army to defend the controlled nation.Some countries who have their foreign policies controlled by an outside government are Iraq and Afghanistan. These are sometimes referred to as slave nations.

A country whose foreign policy is controlled by an outside government?


Can you gamble quebec Canada?

Yes, however, outside of the native reserves, it is all controlled by the government.

What group controlled Russia government in November of 1917?

The Bolshevik force seized the winter palace

Uniting small farms into large government-controlled farms is called?

Collective farms were large, government controlled farms formed from small farms that were surrendered by force. These were common in socialist regimes.

What is outside force?

It is a force from outside, from the air

What is the difference between regulated and unregulated market?

Regulated markets are controlled by a regulatory force, such as a government, or crime organization through taxes, tariffs, laws, and rackets. Unregulated markets are not controlled or governed.