What is a hinterland?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a region that lies far away from major population centers is known as a hinterland

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Q: What is a hinterland?
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Why did the hellenic civilization develop the political instutution of the city state or polis?

Cities in Greece began to appear about 800 bce or so. Most of these were located on the ocean, where trade was facilitated by shipping. Cities were proud of their accomplishments, and civic booster ism fostered patriotism to the city. Cities are a lot easier to manage than states are, but they do require a hinterland where farmers and shepherds labor to produce the grain and meat city dwellers need. The function of a city state was to govern itself and its territories, and to protect the people loyal to it. Different types of government were tried - democracy in Athens, oligarchy in Corinth, and a militaristic state in Sparta. These states had different interests, and this produced conflict. For several hundred years Greeks of all persuasions were able to unite in the face of a common foe like Persia, but after the Pellopennesian War this cultural and political unity was destroyed.

How did the Navigation Acts benefit England?

The English Navigation Acts were a series of laws which restricted the use of foreign shipping for trade between England (after 1707 Great Britain) and its colonies, which started in 1651. The 1651 Act (like other legislation of the Commonwealth period) was declared void on The Restoration of Charles II, having been passed by 'usurping powers'. Parliament therefore passed new legislation. This is generally referred to as the "Navigation Acts", and (with some amendments) remained in force for nearly two centuries. The Navigation Act 1660 added a twist to Oliver Cromwell's act; ships' crews had to be three-quarters English, and "enumerated" products not produced by the mother country, such as tobacco, cotton, and sugar were to be shipped from the colonies only to England or other English colonies. The Navigation Act 1663 (also called the Act for the Encouragement of Trade) required all European goods bound for America (or other colonies) to be shipped through England first. In England, the goods would be unloaded, inspected, paid duties, and reloaded. The trade had to be carried in English bottoms (i.e. vessels), which included those of its colonies. Furthermore, imports of 'enumerated commodities' (such as sugar, rice, and tobacco) had to be landed and pay tax before going on to other countries. This increased the cost to the colonies, and increased the shipping time. ("England" here includes Wales - though it was little involved in trade to distant parts. After the Act of Union 1707, Scotland enjoyed the same privileges). This Act entitled colonial shipping and seamen to enjoy the full benefits of the exclusive provisions. There was no bar put in the way of colonists who might wish to trade in their own shipping with foreign plantations or European countries other than England, provided they did not violate the enumerated commodity clause.[6] "English bottoms" included vessels built in English plantations (i.e. colonies), for example in America. The Acts were in full force for a short time only. After the Second Anglo-Dutch War, which ended disastrously for England, the Dutch obtained the right to ship commodities produced in their German hinterland to England as if these were Dutch goods. Even more importantly, England conceded the principle of "free ship, free good" which provided freedom of molestation by the Royal Navy of Dutch shipping on the high seas, even in wars in which the Dutch Republic was neutral. This more or less gave the Dutch freedom to conduct their "smuggling" unhindered as long as they were not caught red-handed in territorial waters controlled by England. These provisions were reconfimed in the Treaty of Westminster (1674) after the Third Anglo-Dutch War.

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Hinterland is the land that is right next to the coast.

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What is a hinterland of New Jersey?

A hinterland is the area surrounding a city in which people will travel to get the businesses' specialized things. Hinterland really means remote areas where few people live. One hinterland of New Jersey is the Pine Barrons in the southern portion of the state.

How does hinterland support life in Florence?

Hinterland really means remote areas where few people live

How do you use hinterland in sentence?

When you have to drive everywhere, because no service is within walking distance, you can describe your location as 'in the hinterland'.

Why is a hinterland important to a wealthy city?

Hinterland was important because it provided food and other necessities to important city-states.

Which of the ports has the largest hinterland?