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The main left wing Anarchists are the Anarcho-Communists

Communism is proven time and time again to fail because the main idea on the anarcho side of it is that the government asumes controle to even things out than gives power to the working class

The Right wing Anarchist (although I don't know the main group) are for less government controle to start with, and for the complete abolishment of the Government system returnning the power to the people.

I am right wing Anarcho so I know much about it even though I don't know the exact name.... while left wing is Libral, Right wing is Libritarian..... left wing wants more government controle in order to make way for no government..... how ever this does not work because the person in power trying to do this becomes currupt as seen in cuba,china, russia, and north Korea........ this is why right wing anarchist believe they must get rid of government before hand.

Many people will try to tell you that right wings can't be anarchist.... but they are ignorant in political matters..... most people who think that believe that all right wings are conservitives, but that's not true..... Right wing anarchists are just as much of anarchist than left wing if not more, because they want less government controle

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Q: What is a left-wing anarchist And what is a right-wing anarachist?
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