What is a package veto?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A package veto is a vote of "no" by a governor or the President of the United States for the whole bill, not just a part of a bill. The right to veto allows for the vetoer to choose either a part of the bill to veto or vote no on an entire bill.

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Q: What is a package veto?
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What is a word to reject a bill and prevent it from becoming a law?


For the rock group VETO what does VETO stand for?

full of veto

Can the President Veto the Veto of his Veto?

No. The President only has one choice to veto or to pass it. Once he veto's it goes back to congress where they can kill it or they can override his veto with 2-3 majority.

What is the singular possessive form of veto?

The plural for the noun veto is vetoes.The plural possessive form is vetoes'.

The rejection of a legislative act by the executive branch is known as the?


The veto and pocket veto are two ways that the what can reject a bill?

The veto and the pocket veto are two ways that the _____ can reject a bill

How can you end a veto?

by overriding the veto

What does the prefix veto mean?


3 What four options does the President of the US have for handling a law?

Sign it, veto it, do a pocket veto.

What is the meaning of 'veto' in Latin?

Veto is not actually Greek it is Latin verb; Veto, Vetare, Vetui, Vetitus meaning To Forbid or Tell not to. The first principle part of the verb Veto is where the English word Veto comes from meaning "I" Forbid. Hope that helps ^_^

What are the types of vetos for governors?

The two types of veto that can be carried out by the president are the "Pocket Veto" and the "Regular Veto." The Pocket Veto is where the president is given a bill, but fails to sign it within the ten days of the adjournment of Congress. The Pocket Veto is less common. The Regular Veto is one in which the president returns the bill back to Congress, with a message explaining his problems, reasons for return, and recommendations for revision. From there Congress may or may not fix it depending on it's actual importance.

What is a recall veto?

There is no such thing as a "recall veto"