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A "renaissance" man/woman, a polymath, a jack/"Jill" of all trades, someone who is well-rounded.

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Q: What is a person called who studies many different subjects or interests?
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Who studies dinosaur teeth bones eggs and tracks?

Paleontologists (the ones who specialize in dinosaur science, anyway) are the ones who study these subjects, if that's what you're asking.

Will two list side by side decide whether subjects are mostly alike or different?

If I understand the question than yes. It is called comparison and contrast. Whether or not they are alike or different will depend on the subjects of course.

What are the Queen's subjects called?

All people in England are called subjects of the King or Queen.

What is the name for a set of books that has information about many different subjects?

A set of books containing information about many different subjects is often called an encyclopedia. They could also be called collectively "Reference Works" if there is more than one type of information, such as dictionaries, maps, encyclopedias, etc.

A person who studies atoms?

A person who studies atoms is called an atomic scientist. There are several different branches of science under this category. One of them is a physicist.

What is called a group of subjects selected from the group of all subjects?


What are all of the subjects called?

Without providing more information (subjects in school, subjects of a kingdom, subjects as parts of speech etc.), subjects also fit into catagories.

What is it called when a person studies mammals?

The Person Who studies about mamals , he is called mamalogist....

What is a person called who studies what goes on inside living things and how different parts of living things work?


A person who studies volcanoes is called what?

A person who studies volcanoes is called a volcanologist.

What is someone that studies evolution called?

Someone who studies evolution is called Evolutionary Biologist.

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