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It's a minority that moves willingly into a certain area, and look to keep their own culture while at the same time attempting to assimilate to the new culture.

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Q: What is a pluralistic minority?
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What is the pluralistic nature of contemporary Christanity?

It is not pluralistic.

What is opposite of pluralistic society?

Although only in theory, the opposite of a pluralistic society is a monistic society.

What is pluralistic democratic state?

A pluralistic democratic state is one in which a diverse population representing many differences and cultures governs itself. The United States is an example of a pluralistic democratic state.

What is a society populated by a variety of different ethnic groups called?

a pluralistic society

Is it better for french canadians to be a minority in a pluralistic canadian state OR a minority in a pluralistic quebec state?

There is no one answer as it depends on ones subjective view point. I suggest it is better to be a minority within a Canadian State, than a minority, even ruling minority, in a separate Quebec State. Money would be a big reason for this. Canada spends billions of dollars in Quebec, much of it with direct cash transfers, billions more with federal civil services jobs and contracts, many billions more with national policies and trade benefits like Quebec having 50% of the Dairy quota. All that money and jobs would leave should Quebec choose to be a Federal State rather than a province in Canada. Should French Canadians find themselves a minority within Quebec they would be at risk of having the majority treat them and their culture as French Quebec treated minority cultures and continue to treat minority cultures. That would be very unpleasant for French Canadians and likely result in a change of position regarding the Not Withstanding Clause.

What is the antonym of pluralistic?


What is the antonym for pluralistic?

The antonym for pluralistic is monolithic, which refers to a system or society characterized by a single, unified structure or belief system without diversity or plurality.

What iz pluralistic?

well a plulralistic societ

What is pluralistic research?

I don't know for certain but pluralistic politics is politics where multiple opinions are tolerated and encouraged, in particular the allowing of multiple political parties. I'd guess that pluralistic research is research where you investigate multiple sources and the discussion of multiple opinions on the same subject

What did the Greeks have that other civilizations wanted?

(GODS) pluralistic

What kind of society does Bulgaria have?

Democratic, Multiethnic, pluralistic

Which countries exemplifies the modern pluralistic state?