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Political maps are designed to show governmental boundaries of countries, states, and counties, the location of major cities, and they usually include significant bodies of water. Like the sample above, bright colors are often used to help the user find the borders. A Physical map sample is here.

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Q: What is a political map used for?
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Which is more likely to change a political map or a physical map?

a political map

What kind of map shows capitals and cities?

a political map

What does a general map show that a political map doesn't?

A general map is a map of small scale used for general planning purposes. A political map is a map that shows lines defining countries, states or territories. It is unlike other maps that is because the purpose is to show borders. A political map makes a deliberate political statement about which areas of the earth belong to a country or state.

What type of map is used more often?

Political maps

What are the purposes and uses of a political map?

political map is used to show borders and boundaries which help us to know the size of a country,extension,etc.

What map shows cities countries and capitals?

A political map typically shows cities, countries, and capitals. It displays the boundaries of countries and major cities, along with the locations of capital cities. This type of map is commonly used for political and educational purposes.

What kind of map shows the boundaries of countries regions states etc?

A political map is one that shows the borders of countries and states.

What kind of map shows capitals cities and boundaries?

a political map

What type of map shows you the states of the United states?

A Political map.

What is a map that illistrates states capitals and countries?

A political map displays states' capitals and countries. Political maps also show borders of states and countries. They are used when discussing political trends and population.

What is the definition of a world political map?

A world political map is a map that displays the political boundaries of countries, states, and territories across the globe. It typically includes country borders, capital cities, and other political features such as disputed territories or regions. It is used to illustrate the geopolitical divisions of the world.

What is a legend on a political map?

A legend on a political map is like a map key. It tells what different symbols stand for on the map.