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Generally speaking, that would be those of a Progressive bent (sometimes mis-labled Liberals). They seek change within the system. Those of a Conservative bent tend to want to preserve the existing system as is. Revolutionaries (or Radicals) generally seek to throw out the whole system and start fresh with a new one.

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Progressivism is a political orientation that favors social progress by reform and changing laws.

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Q: What is a political orientation that favors social progress by reform and changing laws rather than by revolution?
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What is political orientation that favors social progress by reform and by changing laws rather than by revolution?


What was the cause of the Xinhai Revolution?

The cause of the Xinhai revolution was that the political minds of China were not satisfied with the progress of the country because China had one of the largest populations, yet the country was considered poor and weak.

When did Party of Political Progress Groups end?

Party of Political Progress Groups ended in 1957.

Why are economic progress and political progress different?

they are different because, economic progress is more into money business and other things and political progress is more into What People Are Doing.

What does the roots of revolution have often been nourished by economic progress mean?

In his book "Americas: The Changing Face of Latin America And the Caribbean," Peter Winn makes that statement. He says poverty, oppression, economic inequality and unrepresentative government are not enough to foment revolution. Often it also needs economic progress. I'm not sure he explains why, he more states it as a fact.

India progress independence?

progress since Indian independence Some of the few things are [ that contributed to our progress] green revolution - increase in overall agricultural production, GDP, and employment. white revolution - milk production economic reforms of 1991 telecom revolution space technology software revolution ------------------ then comes govt. contribution support and encouragement.

Meaning of CRIPS?

CRIP stands for Community Revolution In Progress.

Was the Industrial Revolution a time of progress or decay?

It was the time of progress, because many technological improvements were made during this time.

What crip stands for?

C.R.I.P.=Community, Revolutionary, In, Progress

Does the setting of Julius Caesar by shakespeare impact the theme revolution as a means of political reform?

Historically speaking the actions of Brutus and his fellow conspirators did not change the progress of changing Roman governance. The choice of this particular period in history means we are looking at a revolution which ultimately failed. It was, of course, a reactionary revolution, which generally fail to have a lasting effect. A study of an older revolution in Roman history, the one which created the Republic, and in which Brutus's ancestor played such an important part, would put a more positive spin on the effectiveness of revolution as a reforming act. It also might have got Shakespeare in trouble with the government; it was safer to look at failed revolutions.

What Revolution characterized rapid change and progress for the expanding middle class?


How did the Industrial Revolution affect the growth and progress of New York State?

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