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alliance of progress


It was the Alliance for Progress that took this action into play.

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Q: Who offered billions of dollars in aid to latin America?
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What was the name of president Kennedy's foreign policy program that offered billions of dollars in aid to latin America?

Alliance for Progress

How did Kennedy expand economic aid to latin American?

Kennedy introduced the Alliance for Progress, which offered billions of dollars in aid to participating countries. In exchange for assistance, the countries were expected to begin democratic reforms and encourage capitalism.

What was the result of president Taft dollars diplomacy?

The result of President Taft's dollar diplomacy was that American investments in Latin America increased.

Why did the British go to Latin America?

Great Britain offered to combined with America in joint declaration renouncing any interest in acquiring Latin American territory, and specifically warning the European despots to keep their hands off the Latin American republics.

Where did most new US immigrants come from in the 2000s?

Latin America

What is the common name for currency in Latin America?

There are various types of currency used throughout latin America, several countries use the peso, but there are also soles, reales, bolivares, bolivianos, gourdes, and dollars.

Who wanted to substitute dollars for bullets an thus keep open America's foreign markets and preserve stability in latin America?

William Howard Taft

Why didn't Great Britain support the rest of the European continent in their Latin American policies?

great Britain realized that the independent Latin America countries offered better economic opportunities for British products

Do iguanas live in Latin America?

They do live in America,but not in ''Latin America.''

What does the latin verb dabitur mean?

Dabitur is "will be given" with a third-person subject (he, she, it).In Latin, only the thing given can be used as the subject (as in English "Ten dollars will be given to charity"), never the recipient (as in English "The charity will be given ten dollars").

What kind of government does Latin America have?

Latin America is a region and does not have a government. The individual countries that are in Latin America have democracies for the most part.

Is Latin America the same as middle America?

Latin America is made up of Central and South America.