What is a political state?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The political State is the body politic of an area or region. In the United States of America it would be the citizens of the Untied States by virtue of their participation in its system of political franchise. This is contrasted by the separate and distinct natures of the United States of America and the United States.

The United States of America, the union of the several states, a constitutional republic.

Whereas the United States, a representative democracy, the political union of the fifty States.

The differences are that it, the United States of America, recognizes unalienable rights, English common law, allodial title and the free inhabitant. Whereas the United States has legislated privileges, civil law, equity title and citizens of the State.

The difference amounts to balance of power between the State and the individual. Under the State a in citizen is not seen as a true individual and is employed for the benefit of the whole and has the right to participate as part of the whole but has no right to act contrary to the needs of the whole. Whereas a free inhabitant has no obligation to any except under due course of law and likewise no other party has any obligation to that individual.

As an illustration a citizen or the child thereof has both the right and an obligation to attend public school. Whereas a free inhabitant would be responsible for their own education and cannot be forced to participate in public education and actually is not entitled to such an education since the free inhabitant does not pay direct taxes of any kind. The citizen has no rights to resist a properly legislated law or an officer of law. The free inhabitant has no right to trespass upon the rights of others as is not answerable to any other than by virtue of an action or suit at law, i.e. criminal case or lawsuit.

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Q: What is a political state?
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