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A political threat refers to the disadvantages that a business can have in a country. For example: Less protection for patents and copyrights discourages technology transfer to India.

That is related with the PEST analysis, which analysis the situation of a country... and how it can affect a company.

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Q: What is a political threat and examples of a political threat to a country?
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What are the six dimensions of the operational environment?

threat, political, sea,air and land operation

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I would tend to think not, Islam, if viewed from a political perspective, shoudl be focused on establishing and perfecting teh practice of Islam within the country they rule. The west tends to view Islam as a threat to them for whatever reason, in recent history though, it seems the threat of Islam as viewed by teh west, is purely economic due to the control of oil.

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After World War 2 why did the Soviet Union consider the US a threat?

They each wanted to promote their competing political ideologies.

How Political legal environment as opportunity as well as threat?

The political legal environment is a threat because regulations can hurt a business. It is also an opportunity because regulations can improve a business' position in the market.

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Political parties.

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