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it is called style it is called style

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Q: What is a rag figure representing an unpopular individual?
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the most popular medicine used in the civil war was morphine. morphine was a widely used medicine. it was used so often because it was a quick pain killer and it was addicting.

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What are American bills made of?

Notes are printed on strong paper made by the Crane Paper Company of Dalton, Massachusetts, and made of 75% cotton and 25% linen, which also contain red and blue fibers of various lengths that are evenly distributed throughout.The use of cotton and linen fibers does not mean that the bills are fabric rather than paper: until about 1850, all Western paper was made from cotton and linen fibers, usually from rags, rather than the wood fiber that we now use for inexpensive paper. If cellulose fibers are broken up and dispersed in water before forming them into sheets, then it's paper; if the fibers were spun into threads and then woven, that would be cloth.AnswerNotes are printed on paper made by the Crane Paper Company of Dalton, Massachusetts, and made of 75% cotton and 25% linen. AnswerThe paper used to print money is called "rag" -- cloth reduces ripping and extends the life of the bills. AnswerIt's made of cotton linen and silk. But first it's carved on a sheet of metal. Correction to the aboveNot quite! The image to be printed on the bill is ENGRAVED (not "carved") on printing plates. The plates are put into a press which then prints the image. Because different colors and other items (e.g. the serial number) are used, each bill actually receives three separate impressions to create the full image.

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The fact that many businesses are closed on Sundays goes back to the Middle Ages, when the Church influenced people's daily lives to a great extent. Feudal titles of nobility are still in use in the United Kingdom.

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