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its government.

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the government

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Q: What is a ruling authority for a community?
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Is the ruling authority for a community?

The Answer is " Government "

The ruling authority for a community?


What is the ruling authority for a community?

The Answer is " Government "

What is the definition of ruling?

adj. 1. Exercising control or authority: the ruling junta; ruling circles of the government. 2. Predominant: the ruling principle. n. 1. The act of governing or controlling. 2. An authoritative or official decision: a court ruling.

What is Australian advance ruling on proactive solutions?

has the authority in Australia given any ruling on customs classification on proactive solution refining mask?

Who has the final authority in interpreting the meaning of the constitution?

When the Supreme Court issues a ruling, there is no further avenue of appeal. That makes them the final authority.

What was the function of the council of elders?

The council of elders in many societies served as advisors to the ruling authority, providing guidance based on their wisdom and experience. They often played a role in making important decisions, settling disputes, and preserving the traditions and values of the community.

What was the institution that exercises authority over a community?


What is a simile for theocracy?

"A theocracy is like a government intertwined with religious authority, similar to a priest ruling a kingdom."

When multiple levels of government have independent ruling authority over certain policy areas this is called?

stop cheating

What is Lower Colorado River Authority's motto?

The motto of Lower Colorado River Authority is 'Energy, Water and Community Services'.

What is a form of government in which the ruling power exploits authority and permits little popular control called?

It is known as a totalitarian state.