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1. The notable person was known all over the city because of her good deeds.

2. I am a notable person.

3. I like to be notable during school.

4. I am always notable during school.

5. I am always a notable person.

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Q: What is a sentence for notable?
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What is a good sentence for the word notable?

He was our first notable mayor.

What a sentence using the word notable?

The scientist has had some notable discoveries such as...

How do you use the word notable in a sentence?

He was a notable expert on the works of Shakespeare. There was a notable lack of enthusiasm for the new project.

How would you use the word brevity in a sentence?

The speech was notable more for its brevity than for its clarity.

How do you write a sentence using the word notable?

Lawrence remembered the notable quotes made by the congressman as he wrote his blog. Everything about the movie star's visit to the small town diner was notable, because movie stars don't often visit this diner.

Can you give me a sentence using the word interactions?

There was certainly a notable change in their interactions, the more often they met.

What is a good sentence for the word gallantry?

In the legends of King Arthur, the knight Sir Lancelot was notable for his gallantry.

A notable doctor was not able to do an operation becacse there was no table can you get similar sentence?

Real eyes realize real lies

A sentence with the word generic in it?

None of the projects in the science fair was notable nor stood out as anything other than generic.

What is the sentence for spectacles?

"Spectacles" can refer to eyeglasses worn to improve vision, or a notable display or performance.

How can l use prominent in a sentence?

Prominent is an adjective meaning outstanding, eminent, distinguished, notable, noticeable, or protruding. Example sentence: A prominent member of the council succeeded in obtaining the needed funding.

What is a sentence with all words starting with the letter n?

There are a number of notable and noteworthy Filipino novelists who write abroad, but still need national recognition.