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Beneath the ocean, there is the treasure of floras and faunas.

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Q: What is a sentence of a beneath?
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Can a sentence start with beneath?

beneath the earth lay a tongue licking demon

What is a sentence with beneath?

My cat got so scared she hid beneath the bed.

Make a sentence with the word beneath?

The earth lay beneath a blanket of snow.

What is the prepositional phrase for the sentence Beneath the floorboards lurks a family of the craftiest mice on this continent?

The prepositional phrase in this sentence is 'Beneath the floorboards'.

Give you a sample sentence of beneath?

Mole people live beneath the Earth's crust.

Can you give me a sample of word beneath in a sentence?

Santa placed the gifts beneath the Christmas Tree. She hid he book beneath her bed.

Can you make a sentence with words under and beneath?

She considered it beneath her dignity to crawl under the bed.

Can you use the word beneath in a sentence?

My red coat was beneath the blue coat in the pile. No type of work should be beneath anyone if they need a job.

What is an example sentence with the word beneath in it?

He sat beneath the tree.There is very hot molten magma under the surface beneath your feet.

Use the word dignity in a sentence?

Obviously in is not beneath you dignity to have someone else write this sentence for you.

A sentence with the word splintered?

As she stepped on the floorboard it splintered beneath her feet.

Beneath in a sentence?

Here is an example of the word Beneath as used in a sentence:The little boy glided gracefully across the pond, because the ice that was beneath his skates held him up above the freezing waters.