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When You are in academy your activity evaluate as academic performance & when you are not in academy your activity in non academic performance.

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Q: What is academic and non academic performance?
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What are the effect of poor academic performance?

According to research, poor academic performance can often lead to poverty. Poverty then affects academic performance, and unfortunately, the cycle continues.

What is the relationship of academic performance and occupational interests?

Typically, passion for a field increases academic performance.

How can you prove that the IQ is not a sole predictor in good academic performance?

Find a set of people who all have the same IQ, but varied levels of academic performance. If academic performance varies as IQ is held constant, QED.

What are the academic performance theories?


What is scholastic performance?

Scholastic performance refers to a student's academic achievements and abilities, typically measured by grades, test scores, and other academic evaluations. It reflects a student's comprehension, retention, and application of knowledge in various subjects or disciplines.

How do students affect their academic performance?


What is performance academically?

Academic performance refers to the outcome of a studentÕs education and the accomplishments done on the different tasks that the teachers assigned. This is also called as academic achievement.

What is the related literature of academic performance?

Related literature on academic performance typically covers factors that influence student achievement such as socioeconomic status, parental involvement, teacher quality, student motivation, and learning environment. Studies may also explore interventions and strategies to improve academic performance, such as educational programs, technology integration, and assessment methods. Researchers often use various theoretical frameworks to understand the complex dynamics affecting academic success.

What is the impact of ecstasy on academic performance?

Ecstasy can have negative impacts on academic performance due to its effects on memory, cognition, and concentration. Its use can lead to impaired learning, reduced ability to retain information, and difficulty focusing on academic tasks. Additionally, regular use of ecstasy may also lead to a decline in academic motivation and overall performance.

What is a non academic?

An academic career is one involved in higher education research and teaching. Any other career would therefore be non-academic.

What is a non academic career?

An academic career is one involved in higher education research and teaching. Any other career would therefore be non-academic.

What are the effects of TV in a child's academic performance?

Excessive TV watching can lead to decreased academic performance in children due to reduced time spent on homework and studying. Additionally, exposure to certain content on TV may impact attention span and cognitive development, which can affect learning abilities. It is important for parents to monitor and limit TV viewing to ensure it does not negatively impact academic performance.