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noncombatant evacuation operations

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Q: What is an Operations directed by the President and managed by Department of State or other appropriate authority whereby US civilians and others are extracted from foreign countries?
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What is the rule-of-thumb time limit for Department of Defense immediate response authority operations?

d. 72 hours

Who has the authority to impeach government officials including the president and vice president judges members of Congress and department of directors?


Who has the authority to impeach government official including the president and Vice President judges members of congress and department directors?


What word was used to refer to President George Washington department heads and authority general?

This group is called the president's cabinet.

The president of the united states and what cabinet member has authority to approve military assistance for domestic operations?

Secretary of defense

Does any one name department leaders besides the president?

The President is the ultimate authority in making the selection of the various departments. The Senate must then approve his selections.

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In the novel "In the Heat of the Night," Chief Bill Gillespie holds the highest authority within the police department as the Chief of Police. He is in charge of overseeing all operations and making important decisions within the department. His rank gives him the power to give orders to his subordinates and dictate how cases are handled.

What major department head has authority over us military?

The Secretary of Defense is the major department head with authority over the US military. The Secretary of Defense is a civilian appointed by the President and is responsible for the overall management and direction of the Department of Defense, which includes the branches of the military.

Does a game warden have more authority then the president?

A game warden does not have more authority than the president. The president is the highest authority in a country.

Did the war powers resolution effectively limits the presidents ability to send troops into a foreign country?

Yes, which is the whole point of it. The President does not have the authority to declare war; only Congress can do that. The President does have the authority to begin emergency operations overseas, but must obtain approval of Congress for any operations lasting longer than 90 days.This, like other limitations on executive authority, only have any effect when the President obeys them or Congress enforces them. For example, the recent debacles in Libya and Syria were not approved by Congress, but the President did them anyway. Congress would have been within their rights to impeach the President, but did not do so, rendering this law essentially moot.

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The director or president of a company or institution has the final approval authority for equipment requests. It would be the responsibility of a specific department to ascertain the equipment that is needed and relay this information to their immediate boss.

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