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A riding.

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Q: What is an area containing a number of voters?
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What is a geographic area that contains a specific number of voters organized by a volunteer captain?

it is called a precinct

Area flooded by northern and southern voters in 1828?

what area flooded by new northern and southern voters when it sought statehood

Can all congressional districts be the same size?

No. They're all supposed to have the same number of voters living in them. That'll be a smaller area in the city, and a larger area in the country.

Why are legislative districts different sizes?

US House legislative districts are defined by the number of voters in them: the total number of voters for the state divided by the number of districts. They will be different sizes and shapes based on population density, Demographics, and geographic considerations.Similarly, each district in a state legislature should have approximately the same number of voters.

Why is there an odd number of Justices?

It is difficult to get a tie with an odd number of voters.

A number containing a whole numberand a fraction?

A number containing a whole number and a fraction is called a mixed number.

The average number of voters per precinct is?


What is The average number of voters per precinct?


Cebu City voters list of barangay bulacao cebu city and precinct number?

barangay bulacao master list of voters

What is an area in which candidates seek a single office that represents all voters living in that area?

An area where candidates seek a single office that represents all voters living in that area is called a "constituency" or a "district."

What is the minimum and the maximum number of days in which the election must be held?

It may range from one day to one week. It depends on the expected total number of voters, the efficiency of supervision, the State total area, and available election technologies.

Where is the largest Lok Sabha constituency by number of voters?

The largest Lok sabha is from the state of Utter pradesh i.e. UNNAO with 18,97,474 voters.