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This is the final copy which will be signed by the relevant parties, and must be perfectly accurate. It is typed in double line spacing and sometimes on both sides of the paper. The word "engrossment" means "large writing" and originates from a time when the final copy was always written by a professional writer, who was known as an engrosser.

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Q: What is an engrossment in the law making process?
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What is the bureaucratic process to law making?

The process of lawmaking

Who influence the law making process?

The public policy

How can people participate in the law-making process as well as upholding their democratic values?

Participating in the law-making process is explicitly a democratic endeavor, probably the most central one.

How can the law making process improve?

With more cops; pigs and swats

What country did America want to share the law making process?


What is the law making process of Nepal?

Laws in Nepal are drafted by the Nepal Law Commission. The process of law making through the Nepal Law Commission is as follows:Initiation of tasksFormation of Working TeamPreparation of Consultation PaperOrganizing Seminar/WorkshopFinal Report and Draft BillSubmission to the Government for Further Action

What is the judicial role in making a new law in United states?

The Judiciary is not directly involved in the process of making or passing a law. After a law is passed, if someone believes the law to be unconstitutional, they can challenge its constitutionality in the courts.

What are the stages of the law making process in Zimbabwe?

Law making in Zimbabwe is the process wherby people say what they want about the laws of their country. When people have finished saying their views the Legislators look at the suggested law and theyy help in prevention of some bad laws being put

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No. While presidents are involved in the law making process, they do not directly make law.

What is the role of the executive branch in the law making process?

the executive role is to either edit or take away stuff from a law

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Making Process is when the legislature presents 2 or more solutions to a problem and the Supreme Ct chooses one process, thus influencing the outcome of the case.

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Lobbying is good for the law-making process because it gives the legislature an opportunity to hear the views of the public. Also, through lobbyists, Congress can hear the arguments on both sides of an issues.