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due process of law

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Q: What is the standard procedures followed in a court of law?
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What is the standered procedures followed in a court of law?

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What does the united federal gorvernment use to ensure laws and fair and equally applied?

The law is applied and if it isn’t followed there are court procedures that happen.

Of the several paternity tests and procedures involved when do you consider it admissible in a court of law and validated?

There are different procedures to perform a paternity test but it can be admissible in a court of law only when the a strict chain of custody is followed. This chain of custody ensures that the sample came from a specified party and that the sample was not tampered with in any way.

What does a judge do in a court room?

They rule on points of law and ensure that the trial is conducted in accordance with the prescribed law and court procedures.

List three sources of law that govern evidence?

Rules of Evidence: Such as the Federal Rules of Evidence in the United States, which set forth the procedures and standards to be followed in admitting evidence in court. Case law: Decisions made by higher courts that establish legal precedent on how evidence should be handled in various situations. Statutory law: Laws enacted by legislatures that provide rules and regulations regarding the admissibility and handling of evidence in legal proceedings.

How does an administrative agency hearing differ from a court trial?

An administrative agency hearing involves an expertise in a specific area of law or regulation and typically has less formal procedures compared to a court trial. In a court trial, a judge or jury presides over the case and follows formal legal procedures set by the court system.

What is the alternative of precedent law?

Where the law does not set a precedent to be followed by Courts lower in the Court hierarchy, it must turn to the Statute (or legislation) that is prescribed in that area

Who presides over tom's trial?

A judge typically presides over a trial, making sure that legal procedures are followed and deciding on matters of law.

Which part of the government according to the constitution is made up of justices who make sure that law are followed?

The supreme court

How do you request a hearing?

That depends on who you are asking for the hearing. In a "Court of Law" you must have an active case before the court, then file a motion that the court must rule on and after the other parties (or state) is served with a copy of the motion, you request that the court administrator set a hearing for the motion (or case, if you have announced ready for trial). In an "Administrative Court" (a quasi non-judicial court) the procedures differ greatly and you need to contact the court to find their procedures.

Can you file an answer to a complaint by mail if you don't live near the county where it is being filed?

If the law and procedures of the court allow it, yes. If in doubt call the Clerk of The Court in the jurisdiction in which the complaint was filed.

What is the differences between a trial court and a court of appeals?

A trial court convenes juries, conducts trials and adjudicates defendants. An appeals court hears appeals of the trial court's trials - does not convene juries - does not conduct trials - and renders juedgements on the application of law and proper procedures.