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A caucus is a private meeting held by leaders before a general open meeting is held. An example of a caucus is the Democratic leaders meeting held before the National Convention.

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Q: What is an example of caucus?
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What words refer to a close meeting?


A meeting held by a political party to choose their party's candidate for president or decide policy?

A caucus is a meeting where members of a political party discuss political business. The two major parties in the U. S. are the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.

When was The Conservative Caucus created?

The Conservative Caucus was created in 1974.

When was Left Caucus created?

Left Caucus was created in 1979.

Do all states caucus?

no there are only thirteen states that caucus

What state had a recent caucus?

Well, there was the Iowa Caucus, then the Wyoming caucus (but the news didnt seem to care about that one) and then the new hamshire caucus, but im not sure which one was the most recent

What is the function of party caucuses?

A party caucus functions as a subset of a party or legislative body to represent specific interests, ideas, or concerns. For example, the Congressional Black Caucus includes members of both houses and voices the concerns of the African American community.

Where are the Presidential caucus held?

The first state caucus was held in Ohio.

Does the caucus assure absolute secrecy?

The term 'caucus' can be used as both a noun and a verb, and absolute secrecy is a part of neither.As a noun, a caucus is a group of officials with similar interests and goal, such as the Congressional Black Caucus, the Iowa Republican Caucus, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, or similar.As a verb, the term "to caucus" is when these groups meet and vote, with voting procedures ranging from secret ballot, to a show-of-hands, to a voice-vote.

Where was the first presidential caucus held?

Iowa is the first caucus, which is held in January.

Can you give me a sentence with the word caucus?

I asked the caucus for their opinion on a matter of law.

When was Asian law caucus created?

Asian law caucus was created in 1972.