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Iowa is the first caucus, which is held in January.

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The first caucus held in the US in an election of the President is Iowa

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Q: Where was the first presidential caucus held?
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Where are the Presidential caucus held?

The first state caucus was held in Ohio.

The first presidential caucus is held in?


Did The first presidential caucus is held in Ohio.?

No, Iowa

The first presidential caucus is held is held in Ohio?


The first presidential cacus is held in Ohio?

The first presidential caucus is held in the state of Ohio. The first presidential primary is held in New Hampshire in January of the election year.

Where is the first caucus of the election held?

Since 1972, Iowa has held the first caucuses of the presidential primaries.

What was the first state to hold a presidential caucus?

Iowa held the first nominating events for the 2012 presidential election.

Where is the first and most widely publicized caucus today?

The first binding event, in which a candidate can secure convention delegates, is traditionally the Iowa caucus, usually held in late January or early February of the presidential election year.

Why is there a presidential caucus?

In each individual party, Democrat, Republican, Green.... To be sure the presidential candidates presented to represent their party share the same interest and Platform as the party, a Caucus is held. Like a mini House of Representatives for each party.

Why doesn't every state have a presidential caucus?

Whether a state has a presidential caucus actually depends on the government. Some states will have a primary and some will have a caucus

How do presidential primaries differ from the caucus convention process?

All party members get to vote in the presidential primaries whereas they do not in the caucus system.

What states usually has the first primary in the presidential election?

New Hampshire. Iowa holds the first election, but it is a Caucus.