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Q: What is an idea stated or put forward for consideration?
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What is a suggestion evoked by a word or phrase?

An idea or plan put forward for consideration.

To put forward for thinking over or accepting suggest?

To propose an idea for consideration or approval.

An idea stated or put forth for consideration?

A proposal or suggestion presented for evaluation and discussion.

What does prosposition mean?

A proposition is a statement or idea that is presented for consideration or discussion. It can be a proposal, argument, or assertion put forward for debate or acceptance.

What is the definition of propond?

Did you mean propound?In that case, it means to put forward (an idea, theory, or point of view) for consideration by others.

What is the form of noun for suggestion?

The noun 'suggestion' is a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for an idea or plan put forward for consideration; a word for a concept.

What is the define for propose?

"Propose" means to suggest or put forward an idea, plan, or intention for consideration. It can also refer to formally asking someone to marry you.

Who first put forward the idea of Pangaea?

Alfred Wegener first put forward the idea in 1912

What does suggestion mean?

is a person's opinion in what they think you should do or take . put forward for consideration:

What is a plan or suggestion put forward for consderation or discussion?

A proposal is a plan or suggestion presented for consideration or discussion. It typically outlines a specific course of action or idea that requires further review or approval.

Who put forward the law of constant proportion?

This was an idea of John Dalton.

What idea did W. E. B. Du Bois put forward as a way for African Americans to improve their?

were is the answer